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How to use Zoom Rooms
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There are several locations on campus that use dedicated technology to use Zoom meetings in large rooms or conference rooms. These rooms are great for having several people in one room where a normal computer would not pick up everyone's voice and video. The Polycom devices in our Zoom rooms are made for just this, making sure everyone in a room can be seen and heard!


How to set up a Zoom Room


Setting up Zoom Rooms is very easy. When you email your zoom meeting link to your participants you will also include the email for the zoom room you are wanting to use. You can see a list of zoom rooms and their email addresses below:


Room Email
Admissions Conference Room [email protected]
Henderson Conference Room [email protected]
Science Center 304 [email protected]
Student Center 243 [email protected]
Student Center 245 [email protected]
Student Center CDI [email protected]
Wells Suite [email protected]


Once you email your Zoom link you will see a response generated that the room accepted! If someone else already has a meeting scheduled you will receive a response that the room has declined your invite. 


You can view each room's schedule from outlook.


On outlook desktop

  • Go to the calendar tab > click "Add Calendar" on the top > choose "From Room List" and then choose the room you want


On Webmail -

  • Go to the calendar tab > click "Add Calendar" > choose "add from directory" > then type in the email address of the room you want



Using the Zoom Room


Once you have successfully sent your zoom invitation you will want to arrive at your room a few minutes before the meeting. Be sure to power on the projector / TV and make sure the input is set to the proper source.  Inside the room you will see a tablet that will look like this:



Click on the meeting list tab from the left and then choose your meeting and then Join! From there you will get all of the same zoom buttons you would expect from your laptop or phone. When you are done you can also end the meeting from the tablet.


As always if you run into any issues please let us know!






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