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About GrizLink
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GrizLink was developed to bring a modern searchable dashboard experience to find everything you need on campus.  You can search for anything and if it is there, it will show up.  This is not a finished product.  As we continue to refine and develop GrizLink, please be patient.  


Accessing GrizLink

You can access GrizLink through a web browser on any computer, tablet or phone or download the FC Mobile app through the Google or Apple stores. 



Finding What You Need

GrizLink was designed to be a customizable home page with full feature searching capabilities so that you are never too far from what you need.  The interface between GrizLink and our custom applications is meant to be as seamless and consistent.  


Your home page and any search results are displayed in a block feature that should be much easier to navigate.  Each block represents a program or service.  You can click on any block in one of four places.  

  • The title - clicking on the title will take you right into the application or service
  • The information icon - clicking on the information icon will display contact information on those responsible for that task or service
  • The heart - clicking on the heart icon will favorite that task or service for you only and will keep it at the top
  • The stars - clicking on the stars allow you to rate the task or service.  


GrizLink is something that we will be continuing to add to daily.  If you cannot find a task or service you are looking for, please reach out to us.

Email us at [email protected]

Call us at (317) 738-8148

Chat with us at





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