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How to sync Zoom meeting attendance with GrizLife:
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Step 1: Create a Zoom

A few prerequisites for your meeting:

  • Before you can create a zoom meeting that will share attendance with GrizLife, it is important that you are a licensed user with Franklin’s Institutional Zoom account. If you are not, reach out to the Office of IT or have someone in your department who is licensed create this event.
  • The meeting must be scheduled through the zoom website. This is so that you can enable the “require registration” setting for your meeting. Make sure to communicate with students that they must register for this event with their FC email address.


Step 2: Create the GrizLife event

Once you have created your Zoom meeting, you can now log into GrizLife and create an event for it.

  1. You will need to make the title of the event identical to the topic of your zoom meeting.
  2. The location of your event needs to be the zoom invitation link. To get this link, head over to zoom and click on the meeting in your list of meetings and then copy the link next to “Join URL”. If you are using the Zoom application on your computer, you should be able to click on “Show Meeting Invitation” and then copy the link under “Join Zoom Meeting”. Paste this link in the “Location” field of your event in GrizLife.
  3. Finally, make sure that the time of the event in GrizLife matches the time you set for it in Zoom. After these details have been set, please feel free to finish filling in the rest of the details for the event and submit it for approval.
  4. Once approved, the “Location” of the event on the GrizLife event will change to a link that says “Join Zoom Meeting” (this is an indication that the Zoom meeting has been successfully integrated with the GrizLife event).


The most important part of this process is that students need to register for the meeting with their FC email addresses. If they do not, their attendance will not be tracked.


And that’s it! Your attendees can either join the meeting from the zoom link directly or they can join from GrizLife by clicking the “Join Zoom Meeting” button on the event. Once the meeting ends, Zoom will take up to one hour to synchronize the attendee list with Grizlife. All students/facstaff that are members (active or inactive) in GrizLife can be tracked as attendees so long as they use their FC email to register for the Zoom meeting. Anyone who is not a part of GrizLife will not be tracked, however, we can still export their information from Zoom once the meeting has ended.


As always if you run into any issues please let us know!



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