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How To Request Copy Jobs from MyFC

Currently, you will need to submit your copy jobs through MyFC. To submit a job you will need to go the following link: [https://myfc.franklin][1] * On MyFC, go to "Departments", then "Copier Services", "Request Forms: choose either "Copy Job", "Poster Job", …

How do I print to Campus Printers?

There are several ways you can print documents on campus. This article covers how to print small print jobs from campus computers as well as personal devices. ## If you are needing to make many copies, laminate, posters, or any other special print jobs please visit the Copy Shop located in the basement of Old Main - …

Where are Campus Printers located?

We have strategically placed copiers and printers around campus to make sure you are never far from a printer! [Below is a list ][1]to help you find all the copiers and printers on campus. ## What is the difference between a Copier and a Printer? There are two devices on campus that can help you print your documents…

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