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Where are Campus Printers located?
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We have strategically placed copiers and printers around campus to make sure you are never far from a printer! Below is a list to help you find all the copiers and printers on campus.


What is the difference between a Copier and a Printer?

There are two devices on campus that can help you print your documents.



These are machines that can make copies, scan to your email or G drive, and make Color copies. All copiers on campus are Black Toshiba Copiers and look like this: 

There are many more copiers on campus than printers. So you will see these more often. These also have a feature called 1Print which will be discussed below.



Printers on campus are of many different shapes and sizes. But they all have the same function. To print in only Black. These have no color prints, and cannot make copies, or scans.

Copier and Printer Locations


  • 1Print is a virtual print queue that you can print to, and you can pick it up on any Toshiba Copier on campus.  (For instance, you could be working in the hamilton library on a document. Print it to 1Print. Then pick it up at Old Main at the copier nearest to your next class!)


  • Acron_Student_Copier - Lounge


  • Cline_Copier - Hallway facing the library

Deitz Center

  • Deitz_Copier - Leadership Johnson County

Hamilton Library

  • LIB_1st_Copier - 1st-floor lobby
  • LIB_3rd_Copier - 3rd-floor Area of Engaged Learning

Old Main

  • OM_1st_Copier - 1st-floor Mail Room
  • OM_3rd_Copier - 3rd-floor inside room 340
  • OM_4th_Copier - 4th-floor by the elevator lobby


  • PSJ_Copier - Shirk print room

Student Center

  • SC_Copier - Basement - Commuter Lounge
  • CSI_Copier - 2nd-floor Center for Student Inclusion

Science Center

  • Science_2nd_Copier - 2nd-floor where the two hallways meet


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