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Information Security Warnings
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This page is designed to be a comprehensive list of all suspicious email messages and other cybersecurity or information security issues that may be pertinent to Franklin College employees or students.  


If this is your first visit and you have not seen our policy on what to do with a suspicious email, please be sure to check out this article.  


If you receive an email that looks like one of these, DO NOT OPEN!


Suspicious emails


Posted 07/13/22


Posted 07/12/22


Posted 01/10/22


Posted 11/01/21


Posted 10/29/21


Posted 7/30/21



Posted 7/30/21



Posted 7/30/21



Posted 7/16/21

Posted 7/6/21




Posted 7/6/21



Posted 6/29/21


Posted 6/22/21



Posted 6/16/21


Posted 6/15/21





Security breaches in the news

Posted 5/8/21

Here is an article on the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline.  Reading these articles helps us all be more aware of our role to manage and protect the data and systems we have been entrusted to look after.    



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