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What should you do if you receive a suspicious email?
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It happens to all of us.  We receive an email and it just seems odd or out of place.  It might be missing characters or misuse pronouns.  It might be an email from a person you haven't spoken to in a long time or ever.  They get their name from these odd phishy feelings we get when we get them.  It is because, if we stop and think about it for a minute, it makes no sense that we would get this email in this way or from this person.  


If you receive an email and you think it is phishy, please feel free to reach out to the IT Help Desk.  Any one of us will be happy to talk it out with you or review the email ourselves.  


Here are the steps you should take if you get an email and you think it is phishy!

  • Definitely do not respond to the email, click any link or download any attachment from the email.  Even if there is an unsubscribe button, don't click on it.  Any link can be compromised and thus carry in it malware or ransomware.   
  • Review our Information Security Warnings page to see if the email you think might be phishy has been reported.  If it has been, it will be there. 
  • Forward the email as an attachment to our Information Security Task Force at [email protected] and we will analyze the email for you.  Forwarding as an attachment is different than forwarding the email in the traditional sense.  You can simply forward an email as an attachment by right clicking on the email in your inbox and clicking on Forward As Attachment in the drop down menu.  
  • Once you have received a response from the information security task force on the legitimacy of the email, you can either proceed with responding to the email or delete it from your inbox and your trash appropriately.  


If you have further questions or concerns, we would be happy to hear them.  Feel free to give us a call at 317-738-8148


Thank you!

Information Security Task Force

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