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Can I Connect a Router in my Dorm?
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Due to security and network performance for other students, Franklin College Office of Information Technology DOES NOT allow the use of personal routers or wireless access points that connect to our network.  



  • Besides possibly causing interference with our wireless access points, it can be a security risk if the Wi-Fi network that your router created does not meet our standards.  
  • Additionally, as routers assign IP addresses to devices, there is the chance that they could begin assigning IP addresses to other devices throughout your building, creating network performance problems and possible downtime.


So what can I do if I want to connect more than one wired device?

If you want to connect multiple wired devices to your dorm room's wired network port, you can buy a mini Ethernet switch.  These are inexpensive options that allow 4 to 8 wired ports. You can find some on Amazon here:


Please note - You will need to let IT know that you are planning to connect one of these to your room. By default, it will not work. We have to allow the port to allow a switch to be plugged into it. 


Also - don't forget to register all your devices you plan to connect. Find out how to do that here:


What if I have poor Wi-Fi coverage/performance on my device?


If you experience poor Wi-Fi coverage in your room, let us know as we are always looking at places to improve coverage when the resources are available.


As always if you run into any issues please let us know!



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