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How to Update Zoom
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Some users’ Zoom clients are on an out-of-date version and require an update. Official documentation detailing the deprecation of older versions can be found on Zoom’s website at the link here: Zoom Software Quarterly Lifecycle Policy


For Mac users, the update process is quite straightforward. When you open the Zoom client and login, you will be shown a message informing you that you must be on a later version of Zoom to login. Select the button to update and follow the prompts to update your Zoom client. If you encounter any issues and need support, feel free to reach out to IT at extension 8148, phone number 317-738-8148, or submit a ticket at our support page.


Windows has proven to be more complicated. The simplest means of updating your Zoom client on Windows is to uninstall the current version and re-install Zoom with the newest version. *Please be certain to UNINSTALL the old version BEFORE INSTALLING the new version.*


The most recent version of Zoom is version 5.12.6 and can be downloaded from the following link: Zoom Download


Uninstalling Old Zoom Client on Windows


To begin, you will want to uninstall the current version of Zoom on your computer. Click in the search bar at the bottom left of your screen or hit the Windows key and search for ‘Apps & Features’ (pictured below ).


Select ‘Apps & Features’ and you will see a list of the applications installed on your computer. Scroll to the bottom of the list to find the Zoom application.


Click on Zoom and click the uninstall button, then click uninstall again from the pop-up.


A window will open to show the progress of the uninstaller. When the window closes and Zoom is no longer in the list of applications, you have successfully uninstalled Zoom!


Installing New Zoom Client on Windows


Follow this link (same link as above) to the Zoom download page. From that page, click the first ‘Download’ button found under the heading “Zoom Desktop Client” near the top of the page.


When the installer finishes downloading, click the downloaded file in the bottom left corner of Chrome or in the top right corner of Edge or Firefox.





The installer will open a Zoom application window and automatically install the Zoom client. When you are shown the success message, the Zoom installation is complete! Leave the option to automatically update, and click the ‘Done’ button. You should then able to sign in as normal.


If you encounter any issues and need support from IT, feel free to reach out at extension 8148, phone number 317-738-8148, or submit a ticket at our support page.

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