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How to fix the Outlook Red X / Offline Mode
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If you have ever tried to work in the Outlook desktop app when suddenly you are notified that "Outlook is offline" or you see a red X on the bottom of your screen, then Outlook is on offline mode. 

This is actually a really easy fix and only takes a few seconds. 


To put Outlook back to Online Mode:

  1. Click  on the "Send/Receive" tab
  2. Click on the "Work Offline" button. (This might seem counterintuitive, but this button is a toggle, and the name doesn't change)

That's it! You are now back online. Your emails and notifications should update within a minute or less.


If you would prefer a video of how to perform this fix click the video below:



Why does this happen?

To be honest it's not known. This is a random issue that doesn't seem to have a reason why. Hopefully, Microsoft will come out with a fix for Outlook to prevent this. But in the meantime, this simple fix will need to be done.


As always if you run into any issues please let us know!



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