Categories Overview
  1. Accounts [1]

    Account related questions.
    1. A student account was created in Active Directory this morning. Why don't I see them on my Moodle roster?

  2. Common Questions [6]

    Frequently asked questions that apply to most anyone on campus.
    1. How do I access Campus Virtual Resources and Applications
    2. How do I get help in using technology in a lab or classroom?
    3. Why am I having Moodle problems on my PC?
    4. Why can't I view a PowerPoint file from Moodle
    5. Why does the scroll bar in Word 2013 freeze?

  3. Email [5]

    Outlook, Mobile, and Office 365 questions.
    1. How do I automatically forward my Office 365 email to another email account?
    2. How do I set up my email on my iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (built-in Mail app)?
    3. How do I set up my email on the Microsoft Outlook app on Android?
    4. How do I set up my email on the Microsoft Outlook app on iOS?
    5. How do I turn on/off Clutter in Outlook 365?

  4. Faculty and Staff [5]

    Faculty and Staff specific questions.
    1. How Can I Access My Office Extension from a Remote Phone?
    2. How do I add an extra block at the bottom of my Moodle course
    3. How do I note a Moodle assignment as extra credit so the gradebook entry calculates correctly?
    4. Why are students unable to upload files to a Moodle drop box from their Office 365 accounts?
    5. Why isn't my Moodle roster updating?

  5. Hardware [2]

    Hardware configuration and use.
    1. How do I display my laptop screen to a projector?
    2. How do I unlock the touchpad on my HP?

  6. Network / Gaming [7]

    Network and gaming device questions.
    1. Can I Connect a Router or Access Point in My Room?
    2. How do I connect my device to the campus Wi-Fi / Network?
    3. How do I find a computer's MAC address?
    4. How do I map my G Drive to my personal computer
    5. How to I Register My Game Console / Streaming Device / Smart TV?

  7. Printing [7]

    Printer and copier questions.
    1. Can I add money to my printing account?
    2. Can students use the Copy Shop services?
    3. How do I add funds to my personal print account?
    4. How do I check my printing/copying balance?
    5. How do I print from my personal computer to a college printer (Web Print)?

  8. Software [3]

    General software installation, uninstall, usage, and availability.
    1. How do I install Windows updates using Software Center (Configuration Manager 2012)?
    2. What is Software Center (Configuration Manager 2012)?
    3. Where do I get Microsoft Office for use on my personal computer?

  9. Training [5]

    Training and related questions.
    1. How do I access the online software tutorials and technology training on Hoonuit, formerly Atomic Learning?
    2. How do I check an existing IT service ticket?
    3. How do I reserve checkout equipment?
    4. How do I submit a IT service ticket?
    5. How do I use the Virtual Computer Lab?

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