How do I install Windows updates using Software Center (Configuration Manager 2012)?

Last updated 4 years ago
On the 2nd Tuesday of the every month, known as Patch Tuesday, Microsoft releases updates. Franklin College’s update server synchronizes with Microsoft’s servers on that day. After these updates are review and tested by IT staff, new critical and important updates for Window and Office are deployed to campus computers for installation. When these monthly updates become available to a computer, the user will see this notification. They will see this notification once per day until the deadline gets closer. It will then repeat more often until the deadline.

The Software Center will have the updates available and will show the deadline to install.

Users can click Schedule (bottom of Software Center under Installation Status) to install the updates before the deadline is reached.

Users have the option for the install to take place at that time (they can choose when they need to reboot after the installation), or after business hours. If they choose after business hours they should choose 'Restart automatically after installation if needed.' The computer will reboot after two hours.

After the install, users will see this notification:

Users have the option to 'Restart now,' or to remind them later. The users must restart the computer before the deadline or the computer will install updates and restart once the deadline is reached.

Users can also right click the 'Software Changes' icon and click 'View Required Software.'

Users will have the same options. They can have the updates install at the current time or schedule them after business hours.
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