How to I Register My Game Console / Streaming Device / Smart TV?

Last updated 4 years ago
To register your device, you'll need your device's MAC address for the interface you plan on connecting (wired or wireless). Typically, the MAC address is printed on the device itself or available through a settings/info screen and is a series of numbers or letters (A-F only) separated by colons or dashes.

To have a device connected to our network, self-register by clicking the link on MyFC > Online resources. If your device is using wireless, select "Gaming & Streaming" on that device. If the wired port in your room is active, the device will begin working immediately or the next time it is plugged in. For either, you should get an IP address starting with 10.6._._ or 10.8._._ if the registration is successful.

Here is the list of commonly used devices and what is known about them:

  • Google Chromecast / Google Homenot supported
  • Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick – wired (on Fire TV only) & wireless
  • Amazon Echo/Echo Dot – wireless
  • Apple TV – wired & wireless
  • Microsoft Xbox 360/One – wired & wireless
  • Nintendo Switchwireless-only
  • Nintendo Wii – wired-only (requires purchase of USB-to-Ethernet adapter)
  • Nintendo Wii U – wired (requires purchase of USB-to-Ethernet adapter) & wireless
  • Nintendo DS/3DSwireless-only
  • Roku – wired (on some models) & wireless
  • Sony PS4/PS3 – wired & wireless
  • Sony PSP/Go/Vita – wireless-only
  • Home Automation/Smart Plugs/Lights – wireless – compatibility varies by device
  • Most Smart TVs/Blu-ray Players – wired (on some models) & wireless
  • All modern tablets, laptops, desktops, and cellular devices can connect to wireless.
If your device isn't listed, we'll try to get it connected, but cannot guarantee that all devices will work with our network. We reserve the right to prevent devices from connecting that are deemed harmful or malfunctioning (infected, damaged network interfaces, causing interference, routers).

Wired Connections in Residence Halls

In most rooms, there is one active ethernet port. Recognizing that some users still prefer a wired connection, so devices may be registered for wired usage at If a registered device still will not connect to any port in your room, open a new ticket on with your room number, the number printed on the port itself, and the type of device you are trying to connect and we'll try to get it connected as soon as possible (keep in mind this may take longer if you put in the request on a weekend).

If more than one port is needed, you can purchase an inexpensive switch to connect two devices to the Ethernet port simultaneously.

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