A student account was created in Active Directory this morning. Why don't I see them on my Moodle roster?

Last updated 4 years ago
User accounts created in Active Directory are automatically created in Moodle using one of the two following processes:
  • As soon as an account in created in AD, a student can login to Moodle. This will automatically create their account in Moodle if it doesn't already exist.
  • A complete synchronization process runs every night. All accounts added to AD or updated in AD are created or updated in Moodle.
If an account was created this morning, wait until tomorrow and then confirm the student is appearing in the class list or have the student log into Moodle to self-activate the process.

If a student does not appear in the roster or cannot access your Moodle course after 24 hours of their account creation and registration in the course, please initiate an ITS service request.
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