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How to restrict access to assignments in Moodle:
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How to restrict access to assignments in Moodle:

In this article, I will be covering the “Restrict Access” assignment feature in Moodle.  

This is a feature that must be enabled on each assignment you wish to set access restrictions.  


To begin, select the assignment you wish to modify, Once selected a new page will pop up click the gear icon on the top right corner, and select “edit settings”. 

On the “edit settings” page, scroll down until you see the “restrict access” option and click on it. 

Next, click on “add restriction”, you will be presented with a list of parameters by which to restrict access to the assignment.  

A brief description of each option is listed next to their respective buttons.  There is 5 options listed: Activity Completion, Date, Grade, User profile, Restriction set. Bellow you can find instructions and descriptions for each

Activity Completion

Require students to complete (or not complete) another activity.

From the activity completion setting you can require the students to have either completed the assignment or not completed an assignment. To do this select “must” or “must not” from the drop down list.

Next specify which assignment you require them to have completed from the left hand drop down under Activity completion.

After selecting the assignment from the left hand drop down you have a few options to choose from the right hand drop down. The right hand drop-down has four options to choose from are the first these first two (“Must be completed” or “Must not be marked complete”) work with the logic of the page the best. If we select something like “Must be completed with a passing grade” we must also set a passing grade later on.


Prevent access until (or from) a specified date and time.

There are two different options within the date field. You can set an initial date that this is act accessible from and then you can make it not accessible after a certain date.

First you will need to enter a start date for the assignment for this example we will use the 22nd of May 2020.

 Next we are going to add a second date restriction. To do so click on the Add Restriction on bottom left corner and select Date.

On the second Date change the “from” to “until” and select the date you would like the assignment to end. For this example, we are going to use 23rd of May, 2020. 

From the example picture we can see the assignment is available starting May 22nd, 2020 until May 23rd, 2020



Require students to achieve a specified grade.

Un   der this grade option you will need to choose what type of grade it’s going to be. This means you will need to choose whether the student will get a specific grade on a certain assignment or if they will get a grade on the course total. For this example, we will choose “Course total.”

 Next you will need to decide if you want the grade to be greater than or equal to a certain percentage or less than a certain percentage to gain access to the assignment. For this example, we will choose greater than/ equal to.  For the greater than/ equal to we will put in 75% for our example; that means that any students that scored less than 75% on the course total at this point and time will not be able to access this assignment.


User Profile

Control access based on fields within the student’s profile.

The User Profile has many options in it to choose from. In the first box to the right of the “User Profile field” you have options such as: First name, Last name, Email, ID number, etc. For this example, we will select “First name.”

In the next drop-down to the right we have options such as: is equal to, contains, starts with, etc. In this example we will use “is equal to.”

In the last box you will type in the name you are looking for and want to give access to. For this example, we will use the name Orian; this will give anyone with the first name Orian access to this course.  

If you want to add an extra level of specifity you can add another user profile field and this time, select “Last name” and “is equal to”. Then enter in the last name of the student.  


Restriction Set

Add a set of nested restrictions to apply logic

This allows for nested complex restrictions it is similar to the other restrictions, only nested in a more complex way.


Completion of Restrictions

Once you have set up the appropriate restrictions for your course scroll to the very bottom and click “Save and return to course” or “Save and display.” You will be able to see your restrictions that you have given your assignment underneath it.

The example assignment that we used for this article will stay hidden from students until they complete the activity test quiz and will only be available on May 22, 2020.



As always if you run into any issues please let us know!


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