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How do I add my G drive to my personal computer?
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Although we highly recommend using OneDrive instead of your G drive, this article will cover how to add the G drive to your personal computer.


A few things to note about G drive and why we recommend OneDrive:


  G Drive OneDrive
Works  Off-Campus? No Yes
Max Storage 100 Gb 1 Tb (1000 Gb)
MS Office Integration No Yes
Easily Share Files No Yes
Works on any device? No Yes


But this article is not to just talk down G drive. If for whatever reason you are wanting to access your G drive from your personal computer then we will cover it here. 


One thing to note as the table shown. You can only access your G drive from campus. This will NOT work off-campus.


Mapping G Drive on Windows


  1. Open the file explorer 
    Download File Explorer Icon from Windows 10 Build 18298
  2. Click on the "This PC" section from the right side of the window 
  3. Then click on the "Map network drive" button on the top of the window 
  4. On the box that pops up change the following information
    • Drive - change to G
    • Folder - type in: \\sfs\student\firstname.lastname
      (i.e. \\sfs\student\chris.hemsworth)
    • Click "Finish"
  5. Now your G Drive will be in the "This PC" section as mentioned in step 2.

You should now be able to open your G Drive and work with it just like any other Lab computer.


Mapping G Drive on Mac


As always if you run into any issues please let us know!


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